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Brent Drennan
Jacoby's Sheep and Goat Specialist

After 31 years of service with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the last 16 years in Mason County, I have decided to join Jacoby Feed to aid Jason and Adam in customer service role and field questions from our customers in the area of sheep and goat production. I have spent a career producing club lambs and supervising youth with market lambs and goats with some very gratifying success. This past show season ranks as an all time high for me personally and professionally, where my 4-Hers were the recipients of over $430,000 for the 2011 show season with the "majority" but not all, coming from project animals developed with Jacoby Feeds.


My association with Jacoby's began in 2003 when I approached Jason about mixing my Drennan Developer (Red Tag) ration. Prior to this, I had become discontent with the quality and consistency of the ration provided by our former mill. Needless to say, for those who know me, I am hard to please and demand quality in the products I feed my own animals as well as a product that bears my name. This is where Jacoby's has performed to my expectations and provided me with a high quality product that has continued to work for us at a reasonable price. When you have a chance, review the list of winners on and you be the judge.


Guys Show Feed With Synergy?

Question: Hello, My question is about Jacoby’s Guys Show Lamb Feed. I have been told to not feed this feed with the Synergy in it until November or December. If so why and what feed product of Jacoby’s do I feed them up to that point? We had really good luck with this feed last year and will continue to use it. We are located in Victoria and usually have

Fall 2012 Newsletter

The summer of 2012 is finally winding down and the hope of cooler weather is around the corner.   The drought that has plagued Texas for several years has extended to the corn belt in the mid west where media reports of below crop production particularly corn and soybeans have driven prices to all-time record highs.  We will not know where feed prices are going to settle out until corn and

Pink Tag

Question: We have all lambs on red tag currently. Fritz, a February baby, is down 99 lbs, Smithwick crosses 105, 89, 80 lbs march and may babies respectfully. What is the pink tag and how does it differ from red. We have switched from Showmaster to Jacoby this year. Thank you, Mike Jones   Mike, To begin with where do you live?  If my memory serves me you have recently

Feeding Blacks in Southeast Texas

Question: Which of the show lamb feeds has the most barley? Your recommendations for feeds blacks in Southeast Texas from start to finish? For fall shows and spring shows? John Walker   John, Thank you for the question.  To begin with where do you live and where do you purchase your feed?  We do have 2 very popular rations which contain barley. BMW with is a blend of Corn/Oats/Barley Pink

Southdown Feeding :: Take 4

Question: Hello Brent! We have been down on 3 pounds now because Fritz said to increase her on the red tag. Will that show up on the drug test if they were to drug test her at a show? Do you think she looks OK? I know you had said she looks soft. Do you have any suggestions about that and does she still look that way to you? We

Thank You :: Jacoby Feed Has Been The Answer!

Dear Mr. Drennan, I want to take the time to thank you for always being willing to help. My son Bryce, is ten years old and is a 4-h exibiter of both lambs and goats from Three Rivers, TX.  In the years past we have fed Purina Honors to both our lambs and goats.  This year we were having lots of problems with our animals feed intake on Honors. It

Southdown Feeding :: Take 3

Question: Hi Mr. Drennan, It has been recommended to get my down on 18 percent protein but we cannot get that, we can only get the 15 percent protein Jacoby where we are.  Do you have any advice on how to add protein to her food to make it a littler higher? She weights 90 pounds and her show is in October and I want to make sure she finishes

goat kids
Feeding Weaned Goat Kids

Questions: I weaned my April born Boer kids yesterday. They’ve been on creep feed for two months now. They are show prospects. What do you recommend feeding them now? Thanks, Alan   Alan, Thanks for the questions, to start with where do you live as well as your last name? Most breeders are feeding Goat and Kid during lactation. When kids reach 4-6 weeks or age they will start creeping

Red Tag vs. Red Tag Synergy

Question: Do your recommend red tag with synergy for a show wether starting to creep feed (1 month old)? Also, I have 4 bags of Purina Show Chow on hand – is it ok to mix red tag or red tag with synergy as I transition over to the straight red tag…? Thank you, Todd Cummings   Todd, Thanks for your questions. I would recommend Red Tag or Step One

Southdown Feeding :: Take 2

Question: Hi Brent!  I got some pics of my southdown Sunday when she got sheared.  We are feeding her 2.5 pounds/day split in half 2 x day with a handful of hay each feed.  Does she look too fat?  Should I do anything different?  She got weighed 2 days ago and she was 80 pounds.  Our show is not till Oct.   Do you think she has a tummy?  She LOVES

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